About me

I'm Leeanne, hello

The Wallflower | 22 years young | and living in the north (Newcastle)

I've had this blog since 2009 and thought about creating something permanent with it for a long while now, but I just either never felt ready or didn't feel like I could do a good enough job. I guess I didn't feel like I could live up to expectations, my own especially. But you never know if you never try! Something good may come from all this, then again it may not, but at least I'm trying... that's what life is about after all.

On here I'll be writing about all the usual things and more. Beauty - Fashion - Thoughts and hopefully Outfit Posts too, if I can do them well enough. What ever I think may be interesting or nice for you to read.

I'd also just like to say Thank You to anyone who reads, comments and follows my blog. I appreciate it so much and it makes me so happy to think people are taking an interest and liking what I post

I hope you enjoy reading / looking through my little space


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