Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dressing for Autumn // 3

Dressing for Autumn // 3
Jumper // Riding pants // Scarf  // Hat //  All Topshop
 Another Dressing for Autumn.. The leaves are falling and becoming crisp. It's getting colder
 and colder as each day passes. It's starting to feel more like we're are fully into winter wardrobe territory now.
This peachy pink jumper is Amazing, the colour, look at it, it could brighten up any cold and dark
winter day. I've put it together here with the Topshop version of the American Apparel Riding Pants.
I've been admiring these for a few weeks now as they're a great alternative if you don't have the funds to buy the AA ones.
And of course I just had to add a little bobble hat and a scarf, winter wouldn't be the same without them.The mittens Here, actually go with the set but I didn't add them in the picture as it was starting to look a bit over crowded. The shoes the model's wearing in the photo at first probably wouldn't seem cold weather appropriate, but!... with a nice pair of white (and or frilly socks) they will keep your feet warm no problem.
Will you be wearing any bright jumpers this winter?
Oh! and what are your thoughts on the Topshop Riding Pants dupe ?
"Just as a little side note"
I picked up a few magazines this week, Company, Grazia etc' and read Pastel colours are a really big trend this winter. I was feeling really chuffed with myself as I've been wearing Coral and Blue jumpers for about two years now. It started in 2011 when I thought I would start wearing something a little brighter than my usual Grey. I remember feeling a bit off trend, as pastels weren't really the colours to wear for Autumn/Winter then. Not that I'm saying I'm a head of the fashion pack in any way, or that I was the only one to ever wear pastels in winter, but it's nice when the things you chose to wear anyway are actually now becoming a trend!
Leeanne ..x


Friday, 25 October 2013

Nail Art // Painting The Roses Red

I love the way this looks. The photos don't really do it enough justice, but I took a lot of pictures to get the best ones I could! This wasn't actually the design I was originally going for but the bows I intended on doing, didn't really turn out like I wanted. I've done this design in the past but used a white base instead of green. I also added an accent nail, I'm not sure if this is still a 'thing' like it was last year but I tend to still like doing it sometimes so thought I would add it in. If you wanted to try this yourself you can find the video I followed Here. Cute polish designs are great, one of my favourites if your looking for new nail art to try out.

I don't always do nail art as it can be very time consuming, but it's nice to take
a bit of time to do something a bit different than the usual one colour sometimes.

Rimmel nail polish  for the base
(Looks like they've changed the packaging on this, as I got mine last year!)

'Glitter nail polish' for the ring finger 'accent nail'
added dots with a 'white nail art pen'
What do you think? will you be giving this or any nail art a try?
Leeanne ..x

Sunday, 20 October 2013

Fashion History | The Satchel

A few pictures of my recent purchase. I finally got a satchel bag after such a long time of wanting one, after first seeing Alexa Chung and her mulberry. Mine isn't designer I'm afraid but that doesn't mean it's worth any less in my eyes.

eBay - £20

 I then started to wonder about the history of the satchel though and if we really think about the story behind what we're wearing or love to display as an expression of who we are. The things we choose to wear everyday have a story and it's always nice to either discover or remember what part of history your wearing, or in this case carrying around with you. Someones idea that then became a design which then turned in to the bag we know and love today.

A brief history...
The satchel bag goes back many years to the vintage school uniform. Well recognised as a school bag carry all and a businessman's companion as he makes his way to work, that may be what first comes to mind when anyone thinks of this particular bag, as it did with me. But looking back further I discovered it was in fact the Romans who first started to use a satchel to carry their belongings in. Then in the 17th century  they figured greatly too. They originated in colours of earthy shades like brown mostly and some of black. Nowadays they've been totally made over by The Cambridge Satchel Company in to colours of bright neon that cannot be missed. So when you carry your satchel, whether you think of the Romans who carried theirs with pride or the peoples 17th century trend. whether it be the famous Alexa mulberry who gave it a new lease of life or the very recent varieties and shades of neon. Hopefully this has made you want to find out a bit more about an item that has pride of place as part of your wardrobe, and the journey it's been on to get there.

Let me know if you enjoyed this and if you would like to see other brief fashion histories? 
Do you have any fun facts about this particular bag? Let me know in the comments!
Leeanne ..x..

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Dressing For Autumn // 2

Dressing For Autumn // 2
BlazerDressStudded bootsBlue Beanie Hat /   .. All ASOS..

Dressing For Autumn // 2 by Leeannelle featuring a crisscross back dress

Thought I'd do another Outfit for Autumn. All these things i had already put in my Asos save for later,
but came across this Pinafore style dress while putting this together, so that's another thing added to my
Asos wish list!
I think all these colours tie in nicely together and Pinafore style dresses were a Big trend in summer,
but i think they still look nice carried in to winter with a cardigan over the top or a big cosy jumper.
I can imagine wearing this with a 90's inspired backpack and some opaque tights if it's really cold.

What do you think of this look ? is it something you'd like to wear ?

Monday, 7 October 2013

Beauty | Past Make up Haul and Mini Review

Found this picture on my computer from a whopping 3years ago?! -Crazy, time goes too fast.
Anyway i really like the picture and didn't want it to go to waste. It's a little make up haul of some things I had been wanting for a long while.

- Illamasqua Lipstick in Obey £16.50
I still use and love this lipstick to this very day, after 3years surely that proves it's a good 'un!
The only thing i dislike about it is, it's Very drying on the lips, have to keep checking in a mirror to
make sure my lips still look presentable, which i hate doing ( I don't want people to think i'm vain) But I deal with it though as I like the colour so much and really feel like it suits my skin tone.

 Lipstick in Obey

-Ysl Rouge Volupte in Pink Lingerie £20
Probably the most I've ever spent on a lipstick in my life. I got this after seeing a few people talk about it online, unfortunately the colour just doesn't suit me, so it kind of lives a sad life sitting around not being used. I checked online and apparently these are now just short of twenty-five pounds.. that is certainly a lot for a lipstick, but as long as you get plenty of use from it, you could at least justify the price. I actually wanted to buy -Peach Passion  but someone said it wasn't available anymore.. does anyone know if this is true? .. I hope not

-Du op Twilight Lip Staining Balm £15
I bought this when they were still releasing Twilight films. They brought out a make up line based on make up the characters wore, -Alice. Bella. Rosalie and Eeevil Victoria!. It's a nice baby pink colour, really like this because of the colour and its really moisturising on the lips, obviously the fact it's Twilight also helps a lot. I only save this to wear at certain times though as i don't think most of the line is available now, as i tried looking for this a little while ago to buy a back up and couldn't find it anywhere.
Sad face...

And finally
-Maybelline Colossal Mascara around £7 price varies
Really like this mascara. After this one ran out I never actually bought another as I kind of went on this 'Must buy and try out every mascara there is' haha that didn't last long though, probably because usually when I find something I really like I tend to stick to it. This picture actually reminded me to finally buy another, so I'll more than likely be repurchasing this Very soon! Oh did I mention it makes your eyelashes MAHUSSIVE..? well yes, yes it does :)

I'll do swatches of these products in a future post, probably will be a 'favourite lipsticks or products post.'

I hope you enjoyed reading this.
It's not all current and an old idea when I first wanted to blog in 2009/10 but it's kind of nice to look back sometimes and see what you liked then and still like now

Do you have any favourite products that you still use after years of first buying them ?

Sunday, 6 October 2013

Collective Sunday

This was an idea I had the other day... Collective Sunday, basically just a summary of things that's been happening with me lately. Things I may need to update you on or anything I think may be interesting for you to read.

- I should start off by saying I've made a lot of changes to my blog the last few days, i.e changing the url, the layout, everything really including the name. Even though I've had a blog since 2009 but didn't really post anything) and thought i knew most there was to know about setting up a blog, there were alot of things i still needed to figure out, even now. My original url didn't match the name of my blog and I knew that it should, to pull it all together. Honestly the whole thing caused me so much stress i wouldn't be surprised if i start finding grey hairs soon... hopefully not :) It didn't help i was so indecisive about the name i wanted to have. But after many changes, I lost count) it is now and will stay Leeanne writes fashion. So glad to have it all figured out and I'm sorry to anyone who was viewing my blog at the time all the changes were going on, you must of been confused, I know even i was. I did manage to get my original url back though, so if anyone does come across my old blog at least it will link people to this one.

Updated 17th October
As some of you may have already guessed I've made a change to the name( last time - Promise!
Even though I really liked LeeanneWritesFashion, when it came to posting about other things, I didn't feel I could, having only Fashion in the title. So I decided to make one Final change. I knew I wanted something with my name and I finally came up with Leeannelle.
I only wish I could have thought of this 3weeks Ago. It would have saved me from going through Far too many name changes and Alot of stress. Anyway here's to brighter things and the beginning of Leeannelle.

-Oh! and the picture was purely because i didn't feel right posting something without at least one photo

- Planning a lot more posts in the coming weeks, but because of trying to sort out all the Above, I haven't really been able to concentrate on posting more yet like I wanted. I thought I'd leave myself today to relax and recover and start on more blog posts this week.

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday too


Thursday, 3 October 2013

Dressing For Autumn

Dressing For Autumn

Dressing For Autumn by Leeannelle featuring a red flannel shirt

Just created this on Polyvore. Its an outfit I would wear in the coming winter months, very casual but also really stands out at the same time because of the tartan, it's also a really big trend right now.

Check shirts look so nice with a pair of jeans or maybe even some black riding pants. You could add a grey blazer to dress it up.
I Love the boots, you can find them Here They are definitely on my winter wish list

Tell me, what are you most looking forward to wearing in the cold months ahead ?

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Recent Ebay Buys...

Hello. I have a little eBay jewellery haul today

 Adalina collar necklace £3.50 from this lovely seller
Wallis silver necklace £5.99
H&m peter pan collar 99p! /// Topshop pearl necklace 99p!

 Most of these necklaces were auction items so it wouldn't be any use in me sharing
the link, but the collar necklace is still available just now as it's a 'buy it now' piece.
I cant wait to style these with some cosy winter jumpers, because as I'm sure you've all noticed,
it's getting very cold outside. Not that I'm complaining too much though... I do love Autumn!