Monday, 7 October 2013

Beauty | Past Make up Haul and Mini Review

Found this picture on my computer from a whopping 3years ago?! -Crazy, time goes too fast.
Anyway i really like the picture and didn't want it to go to waste. It's a little make up haul of some things I had been wanting for a long while.

- Illamasqua Lipstick in Obey £16.50
I still use and love this lipstick to this very day, after 3years surely that proves it's a good 'un!
The only thing i dislike about it is, it's Very drying on the lips, have to keep checking in a mirror to
make sure my lips still look presentable, which i hate doing ( I don't want people to think i'm vain) But I deal with it though as I like the colour so much and really feel like it suits my skin tone.

 Lipstick in Obey

-Ysl Rouge Volupte in Pink Lingerie £20
Probably the most I've ever spent on a lipstick in my life. I got this after seeing a few people talk about it online, unfortunately the colour just doesn't suit me, so it kind of lives a sad life sitting around not being used. I checked online and apparently these are now just short of twenty-five pounds.. that is certainly a lot for a lipstick, but as long as you get plenty of use from it, you could at least justify the price. I actually wanted to buy -Peach Passion  but someone said it wasn't available anymore.. does anyone know if this is true? .. I hope not

-Du op Twilight Lip Staining Balm £15
I bought this when they were still releasing Twilight films. They brought out a make up line based on make up the characters wore, -Alice. Bella. Rosalie and Eeevil Victoria!. It's a nice baby pink colour, really like this because of the colour and its really moisturising on the lips, obviously the fact it's Twilight also helps a lot. I only save this to wear at certain times though as i don't think most of the line is available now, as i tried looking for this a little while ago to buy a back up and couldn't find it anywhere.
Sad face...

And finally
-Maybelline Colossal Mascara around £7 price varies
Really like this mascara. After this one ran out I never actually bought another as I kind of went on this 'Must buy and try out every mascara there is' haha that didn't last long though, probably because usually when I find something I really like I tend to stick to it. This picture actually reminded me to finally buy another, so I'll more than likely be repurchasing this Very soon! Oh did I mention it makes your eyelashes MAHUSSIVE..? well yes, yes it does :)

I'll do swatches of these products in a future post, probably will be a 'favourite lipsticks or products post.'

I hope you enjoyed reading this.
It's not all current and an old idea when I first wanted to blog in 2009/10 but it's kind of nice to look back sometimes and see what you liked then and still like now

Do you have any favourite products that you still use after years of first buying them ?

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