Sunday, 6 October 2013

Collective Sunday

This was an idea I had the other day... Collective Sunday, basically just a summary of things that's been happening with me lately. Things I may need to update you on or anything I think may be interesting for you to read.

- I should start off by saying I've made a lot of changes to my blog the last few days, i.e changing the url, the layout, everything really including the name. Even though I've had a blog since 2009 but didn't really post anything) and thought i knew most there was to know about setting up a blog, there were alot of things i still needed to figure out, even now. My original url didn't match the name of my blog and I knew that it should, to pull it all together. Honestly the whole thing caused me so much stress i wouldn't be surprised if i start finding grey hairs soon... hopefully not :) It didn't help i was so indecisive about the name i wanted to have. But after many changes, I lost count) it is now and will stay Leeanne writes fashion. So glad to have it all figured out and I'm sorry to anyone who was viewing my blog at the time all the changes were going on, you must of been confused, I know even i was. I did manage to get my original url back though, so if anyone does come across my old blog at least it will link people to this one.

Updated 17th October
As some of you may have already guessed I've made a change to the name( last time - Promise!
Even though I really liked LeeanneWritesFashion, when it came to posting about other things, I didn't feel I could, having only Fashion in the title. So I decided to make one Final change. I knew I wanted something with my name and I finally came up with Leeannelle.
I only wish I could have thought of this 3weeks Ago. It would have saved me from going through Far too many name changes and Alot of stress. Anyway here's to brighter things and the beginning of Leeannelle.

-Oh! and the picture was purely because i didn't feel right posting something without at least one photo

- Planning a lot more posts in the coming weeks, but because of trying to sort out all the Above, I haven't really been able to concentrate on posting more yet like I wanted. I thought I'd leave myself today to relax and recover and start on more blog posts this week.

Hope everyone is having a nice relaxing Sunday too


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