Saturday, 21 December 2013

Christmas Wishes...

Christmas Wishes
Dear Santa
This year I've been such a good girl and I thought you wouldn't
mind me sharing some things I'm wishing for this year..
Michael Buble Christmas album. This is something that I've had my little heart set on for so long but some how it never seemed to make it onto my Christmas list? that was until this year of course. hopefully I will be finding Mr Buble's Cd under my Christmas tree and I'm sure I'll be listening to this for many Christmases to come. Marc Jacobs honey I've been seeing this perfume everywhere this year, its so popular which is hardly surprising as the packaging alone is so beautiful, but to be honest I'd be more than happy with any of the Marc Jacobs scents,they're all so lovely! I found these adorable little Daisy earrings while putting this wish list together, ( happens all the time ) they were definitely made with the daisy perfume in mind and would be so lovely to wear come spring time! Alexa Chung -it- book there hasn't been all too many good reviews about Alexa’s first venture into writing  but being a fan of her style this is something I would still love to receive. Warehouse Slouchy Jumper If I've never made it known how much I love pastel coloured jumpers the fact I've included this one in my Christmas list may be a hint how much I enjoy wearing them.Topshop Riding Pants ever since I discovered riding pants sometime last year I've been looking out for the perfect pair and these ones from Topshop look like they fit that description. Ah what would Christmas be like without chocolate and these Guylian chocolate seashells have always been my favourite,  I still have fond memories of having these as a kid and they make such a lovely gift too! plus the fact they donate some of the money received to helping save little seahorses only makes me love them more. YSL Rouge Volupte Lipstick. I've mentioned before I have one but it's in a shade that doesn't suit me. so I'd love to have one in a colour I can wear which would be either this gorgeous red colour or the much well known peach passion. Red High Tops I don't think you could go wrong with a pair of these I picked red as I think they go the best with most things, such as Jeans, Riding Pants, Dresses etc’ in fact I'm not sure there is anything that converse don't look nice with? I think these Mickey ones from Forever 21 are so unique looking but I really would like a pair of actual converse or even just a pair of lookalikes, please! And finally a Canon Camera. This is quite a good price from Argos if your after a DSLR but don't have the funds to buy one and looking at reviews, I've only heard good things about this. Its a bridge camera so has very similar features of a dslr but for a far more affordable price. I know having an expensive camera isn't necessary for writing a blog but because I love photography so much I've always loved the idea of carrying around one of these and looking all artistic. And some Christmas flowers simply for decoration.
with love
Leeanne .x
What's on your Christmas List this year?

Sunday, 15 December 2013

Jewellery | H&M Necklaces

Yellow stone statement necklace £15.99
Gunmetal gem necklace £11.99
I went on a little mini search for these two after seeing Sue from Predict The Day wearing the first necklace in one of her outfit posts, this one and instantly loved it, but having already missed the opportunity to buy them both when they were in an H&m store, onto trusty ebay I went. It’s just great for clothes and accessories and it’s an online shopping destination I use alot now, I’m definitely making up for lost time. I just can’t believe I didn’t realise all the great stuff that’s on there sooner. I particularly like it and use it mostly for things that I might have missed out on buying, such as these necklaces. I’ve even found past issues of magazines on there that I’ve been too late to buy when they’ve been out on the newsstand. I know I probably did pay a bit more than the price they would have been in store, but with things like this where they're no longer in stock I don't mind so much. Especially if it's something I'd really like to get. I would say though, there are some things listed for ridiculous prices sometimes  which is a bit much, I've seen these same necklaces listed for something crazy like 35.99?! and sometimes more. So I'd definitely advise on holding out for a reasonable price. I’m actually quite surprised at myself, liking these two gems as I never saw myself wearing anything that was a bright neon or the colour yellow, guess it just goes to show.. you should’nt knock it til’ you’ve tried it. I Think I'll be wearing these with some of my blue tops  that are currently in my wardrobe  as I love the way the colours look together here. I also feel like these kind of necklaces would be perfect to wear with a new years eve outfit to add a little sparkle. I’m getting quite a collection of these kind of statement pieces, so many in fact I’m a bit unsure where to keep them all. If anyone has any good storage ideas? or how I could keep them, it would be so helpful.

Have you done any shopping on ebay recently ?

Leeanne .x

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

#Selfies4STC | A Selfie For A Good Cause

As it's the time of year of goodwill and doing your best to help someone in the spirit of Christmas, when I came across
This post on Leanne's blog over at DoNotRefreeze about helping to raise money for Save The Children I knew I wanted to take part. I had already planned on showing off my recently acquired Christmas jumpers anyway but being able to model one for a good cause is such a great opportunity. And it isn't every day you get the chance to wear a Christmas jumper for a good cause after all.

I love the fact you can see my Audrey Hepburn picture in the backround too. I'm sure most people already know, especially if you're a fan of Audrey's, how she absolutely loved to do work all geared towards helping children through children's charity. and it's pretty Amazing to be able to help similar causes that the people we look up to have done so much for in the past.

To take part in this campaign..

"Simply take a photo of yourself in your favourite Christmas jumper, post it on your blog and let your readers know about the campaign. Then just tweet the link to your post to @westfieldstrat and with the hashtag #Selfies4STC so they know you’ve taken part and for every blogger who takes part Westfield will donate £10 to Save The Children on your behalf.

The deadline to take part in the #Selfies4STC campaign is Friday 13th December 2013."

For more information about this campaign and for even more fundraising events definitely take a look
at the Westfield London website here 

Will you be taking part in this? if so be sure to let me know in the comments.
I'd love to have a look at your posts on this too!

Leeanne .x

Thursday, 5 December 2013

Life | Photos Of November

My November in photos… So sorry I’m not actually posting these in November, Oh dear. I’m really no good at keeping these kind of posts to there right time am I. Last month it was because of my loss of internet connection but this time I have no excuse, except I’ve always been terrible at organisation, I do try, but I hope you enjoy looking through my November photos anyway.
Breaking Dawn

All scenery photos are as always, unedited
All the Orange ones.. Favourite
 Little blueberry, with it's stalk still attached / Advent calendar all ready for December /
(since taking this, five of course have now been appropriately eaten :)
Some scenery from my window / Christmas preparations / Festive treats /
Small Topshop purchase / and a Bee- A -UuuTiFulll bowl of smarties
As I take these pictures I often wonder whether anyone would really be interested in looking at a photo of a bowl of smarties? some of my photos are some what random, but that’s what I’ve always loved about these kind of posts on other blogs and hope you do too. They can be pictures of all sorts, a mixture of anything and it’s still so nice to see each little thing put together, to be able to see what makes up someones life through photos.

My life isn't too exciting.. it’s mostly made up of things  such as - Blogging (of course) - Too many Sweets & Confectionery - Monthly magazines - Online orders - Beauty related things - Lots of Clothes - Taking pictures - Watching certain films - Gazing at or admiring the sky (A lot) - Reading books - Listening to music - yet these things I’ve found, are what make up life and make it worth living. I think we really take life for granted but I also don’t think its our fault that we do, Life is amazing.. but as it goes so fast, it can get hidden and lost amongst the everyday things we really don’t care too much for. so I think when we see pictures of these things, they’re little moments, captured inside a photo and that really makes us slow down and take notice of what we would otherwise not see, it enables us to really look at life through those photos and see what we would miss everyday. The fact that life is, pretty amazing when you have the ability to look more closely at it.. through the photos we take.
Leeanne .x
How are the Christmas preparations going ?
Is everyone nearly ready for the big day

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Beauty | Elle's Free Gift

So last week I picked up Novembers Elle Magazine and somehow I’ve only just got round to having a proper look at the cute little free gift. I usually don’t bother much with magazines when they come with something like a free Lip Gloss, but as soon as I saw this one I was so intrigued, as I already knew Benefit did a blusher that was of the same name.. but a lip gloss? I was sold. Also available is "Dandelion and Hoola" but in my local shop they only had "Coralista" which I was more than content with as the colour of the blush has always been one of my favourites. The lips gloss itself is pretty sheer and doesn’t have much colour, but gives just the right "Ruby tint to your lips." If you’d like to get one of these, they are still on sale just now, as the new issue isn’t out until December 5th so you still have a few days to grab one. They also have these available to buy Full Size on their website.
Have you already picked up this edition of Elle Magazine ?
 Leeanne .x

Saturday, 30 November 2013

Dressing For Autumn/Winter // 4

Dressing For Autumn|Winter // 4
Coat /  Jumper  /  BootsJeans
So as winter has most definitely arrived, my Dressing for Autumn posts have transitioned into Autumn/Winter. So as we all begin to wrap up in about 50 layers of clothing in an attempt to keep warm, I thought I’d carry things on with a christmassy jumper. It was also to kind of prove to myself whether or not you could actually get away with wearing one of this winter's must have items outside. And you know, I actually think I like the idea. albeit under a coat for now, but the colours tie in so nice here and I’ve always thought red and grey looked really lovely together. I have to say, even though I do love this jumper and Topshop , I think this one is way over priced, especially for a Christmas jumper and you can find some really nice (and far cheaper) ones in places such as ebay and Tesco. I just couldn’t resist putting it together with this outfit though, it's just too cute. I did try a search to see if I could find one similar but the ones I did find just aren't quite the same ..sigh.. maybe next year.. or maybe Topshop will grant my Christmas wish and put this one in the sale. FingersCrossed!
Would you believe, since I posted my Wish List of all those ankle boots I’ve actually managed to find another pair I really like. These are so nice and I’ve been after a pair this colour for too long. They look so lovely with a pair of jeans and are also great if you're feeling like a change from your usual black boots and wanting a lighter colour for winter. They're on the New Look website, but I managed to find them on Asos where they're slightly cheaper just now, every little helps as they say!

Do you think you’ll be venturing outside in a Christmas jumper ? or are they something you would only want to wear indoors. 
I'd love to hear in the comments

Leeanne ..x

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Beauty | Winter Lip Savers


Rose & Co' Salve in Sweet Vanilla  //  Korres Lip Butter in Jasmine 
As the cold weather is truly setting in, there comes the inevitable problem of dry lips. Unfortunately, this has always been something I've suffered from all year round (sensitive skin) But as long as I keep them moisturised with a good quality lip balm, it’s not so much of a problem. I’ll be totally honest here though and say I really didn't like either of these two when I first bought them. I got the Korres first and was so disappointed that after waiting such a long time to purchase this, it really didn’t live up to my expectations. It does look quite pigmented here and in photos I've seen online, but when it's on the lips it doesn't really have any colour. As it's a lip butter, I found, as I do with most of these kind, it really highlighted any dry areas on my lips, making them look so much worse. And the Rose & Co Lip Salve, not much better.. on its own at least. I did like this one slightly more, much like the name suggests, it does have a lovely sweet vanilla scent and also has the added benefit of being multi use -unruly eyebrows- cuticles- dry skin etc'. However all it seemed to do was gloss over my dry lips without really moisturising. (Think Vaseline, just sitting on the lips, but not really doing much.) While one was lying around not being used, the other I was trying my best to persevere with. And you know I actually don’t remember what made me think to put the two together, but am I glad I did. As long as I use both together every night without fail, by morning my lips are soft and smooth, which then also has the added benefit of making my lipstick go on like a dream. I apply the Korres first and then the Rose and Co’ and go to sleep with no more worries of dry lips.
Rose & co' salve ingredients

The Korres Lip Butter is available on Asos
The Rose and Co’ Salve is on Amazon, which is where I purchased mine.
I can’t say that this combination will work for everyone, as I know we all have different skin types but I hope you find something that works just as well for you as these do for me. I also know people really love these two products on there own too, but this is just what personally works best for me. And it goes to show if something doesn’t work too well on it’s own, it might just be worth pairing it with something else!
Do you have any favourite lip balms ? Have you used any of these two before ?
Leeanne ..x

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Haul | A Few New Things

Who’s been spending money you ask.. not mee. Okay, well I may have a little haul.
  So I thought I would share with you, a few new things
 The first being this Zara messenger bag I managed to win on eBay for Twenty pound.. I’d seen another blogger who had it and thought it looked so nice.. but then again I never could say no to another bag. That would explain why there's so many in every corner of my bedroom and practically bursting out of my wardrobe. (I need to sell a good portion of them on ebay… soon!) I’m actually not too sure I like this as much as I thought I would though, it’s quite open at the top and I always tend to worry that it would be too easy to lose something . Apart from that, I think I really do like it. I just really prefer if a bag has a zip or something more secure. After all, I don’t want anything falling out.

 Two necklaces from Avon.
If you order from their book, I’m sure you know some of the lovely bits of jewellery you can find in their sometimes, and these necklaces are definitely a really great find.
I love these kind too, they really lift a simple or basic kind of top.
 The ear cuff.. awh I just love it! I had been after one for so long, but the one I had before this from Asos, unfortunately went tarnished. So I was so chuffed when I found this in Avon, I’ve actually ordered a second as I like it so much. Plus I thought if I was feeling brave I would attempt to wear one in each ear.. not sure if that would work out, but failing that I have a back up, should anything happen to the first
When I got these culottes, they were the Last pair on Asos, So lucky! and so glad I got them. They don’t honestly look much here, but they look really nice on. Especially with some black tights ( extra thick for this freeezing cold weather) and a nice pair of boots.. which just so happens I did buy a pair..
the pattern up close
I’m not sure if I’d wear these with the culottes yet but I do love them.
Some of you may recognise these from my Dressing for Autumn // 2 post. They went down to just Seven pound and again were the very last pair, this does happen a lot with me and Asos, as I’m always checking if anyone has returned my size if it's something that has (more than likely) sold out.
 Lastly, and probably the thing I’m most happy with. The Twilight - New Moon - audio book.. can you see in the photo? it was a mere £1. I know, I was in total disbelief too and nearly didn’t buy it at all as I though it must be a mistake! But I had it price checked and it was indeed correct, even the lady at the till was shocked. Total bargain of the month. If it hadn’t of been for finding this though, I had no intention of buying any audio books, as I’ve always preferred reading the actual book. But I just couldn’t walk away and leave this little gem sitting on the shelf, especially when New moon is my favourite in the series of books.
phew.. and that is all. I don’t think I’ll be doing too many hauls on here, but I think it’s nice
sometimes to have a little peek at what people have been buying!
Have you had any good bargains this month?
Hope you enjoyed and thanks for reading 
Leeanne .x

Monday, 18 November 2013

Wish List // Ankle boots

Wish List // Ankle boots

I was having a look online trying to find the perfect pair of boots for winter and managed to find not one.. but 4 pairs, aren’t they all lovely though? Sorry it’s a bit New look heavy, I was originally on the Asos shoe section looking at New look’s offerings (as I'm sure you already know, Asos sell New look items now too!) but that led to me ending up on the actual New look website. Plus I remembered last minute I had a discount code for 25% off, something they had sent out in an email and also on their Twitter. So I hope you managed to use it too! very kind of them indeed. And so.. onto the shoes

-1 Cut Out Buckle Ankle Boots New look
These cut out boots definitely aren’t the first I've seen this year, they’ve been really popular and I’ve seen so many people wearing them. In fact that’s really what made the big difference for me, the more people I saw wearing them, the more I liked them too.. because when I first set my eyes on them, I really didn’t think too much of them at all. But as you can see by this little wish list, my mind has been firmly changed!

-2 Gold Metal heel Ankle Boots New Look
This particular pair of boots are the thing I used my 25% discount for, as it ran out tonight. I love the gold detail on the heel, they actually remind me alot of these ones from eBay, which I may also end up getting at some point too.

-3 Astonished Cut out ankle boots Asos
Yay a little Asos included too. These are quite similar to the "number ones" same cut out style, but the gold clasp is so unusual and really stands out. I think I like this pair also, because they remind me of some shoes I owned when I was younger. They were definitely not as fashionable as these Asos ones though.

-4 Chunky Biker Boots New Look
I think the silver on this pair looks so nice with the black, they have a great look about them. They also make me think of the Rock port mweka hiking boots, I really wanted years ago, but you can’t find them anywhere that I know of now.. I tried. So these are the next best thing for me. I've been after some biker style boots for so long now so maybe these will be THE pair, decisions.. decisions.

Well that is my little shoe wish list. I can’t purchase them all.. but it will be hard choosing between them, I love them all. Let me know which ones you like best.. I’ll need all the help I can get deciding between this little lot

Leeanne  ..x

Friday, 15 November 2013

Taking Pictures | October in photos

The beauty before the storm // All three photos unedited
Entered a Topshop competition. (The Kate bosworth collection)
the pattern on a recent purchase

 two new things
in good Company

Don’t worry I haven't lost track of the months and still think we’re in october, this is something I wanted to do a little over a week ago, at the end of the month. If you follow me on Twitter you’ll know that was of course until my internet connection decided to totally leave me. A side from fashionable things and beauty topics I also love to take photos. so I thought at the end of every month, if I have enough, I would do a kind of, collection of photos, showing you what my month looked like in pictures.. my october in photos. I did think of changing it since it is november now, but I just really like the idea of starting this off with october.
Also I'd just like to say a big thank you to anyone who is following, reading and commenting on my blog, I appreciate it so much. Thank you :)

What was everyone's month like? October or November, I don't mind which.
I'd love to know in the comments
Leeanne ..x

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Dressing for Autumn // 3

Dressing for Autumn // 3
Jumper // Riding pants // Scarf  // Hat //  All Topshop
 Another Dressing for Autumn.. The leaves are falling and becoming crisp. It's getting colder
 and colder as each day passes. It's starting to feel more like we're are fully into winter wardrobe territory now.
This peachy pink jumper is Amazing, the colour, look at it, it could brighten up any cold and dark
winter day. I've put it together here with the Topshop version of the American Apparel Riding Pants.
I've been admiring these for a few weeks now as they're a great alternative if you don't have the funds to buy the AA ones.
And of course I just had to add a little bobble hat and a scarf, winter wouldn't be the same without them.The mittens Here, actually go with the set but I didn't add them in the picture as it was starting to look a bit over crowded. The shoes the model's wearing in the photo at first probably wouldn't seem cold weather appropriate, but!... with a nice pair of white (and or frilly socks) they will keep your feet warm no problem.
Will you be wearing any bright jumpers this winter?
Oh! and what are your thoughts on the Topshop Riding Pants dupe ?
"Just as a little side note"
I picked up a few magazines this week, Company, Grazia etc' and read Pastel colours are a really big trend this winter. I was feeling really chuffed with myself as I've been wearing Coral and Blue jumpers for about two years now. It started in 2011 when I thought I would start wearing something a little brighter than my usual Grey. I remember feeling a bit off trend, as pastels weren't really the colours to wear for Autumn/Winter then. Not that I'm saying I'm a head of the fashion pack in any way, or that I was the only one to ever wear pastels in winter, but it's nice when the things you chose to wear anyway are actually now becoming a trend!
Leeanne ..x


Friday, 25 October 2013

Nail Art // Painting The Roses Red

I love the way this looks. The photos don't really do it enough justice, but I took a lot of pictures to get the best ones I could! This wasn't actually the design I was originally going for but the bows I intended on doing, didn't really turn out like I wanted. I've done this design in the past but used a white base instead of green. I also added an accent nail, I'm not sure if this is still a 'thing' like it was last year but I tend to still like doing it sometimes so thought I would add it in. If you wanted to try this yourself you can find the video I followed Here. Cute polish designs are great, one of my favourites if your looking for new nail art to try out.

I don't always do nail art as it can be very time consuming, but it's nice to take
a bit of time to do something a bit different than the usual one colour sometimes.

Rimmel nail polish  for the base
(Looks like they've changed the packaging on this, as I got mine last year!)

'Glitter nail polish' for the ring finger 'accent nail'
added dots with a 'white nail art pen'
What do you think? will you be giving this or any nail art a try?
Leeanne ..x